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                Sunset Over the San Juans             Steaming Up the Animas Gorge -
                                                                                                Looking forward, and  --------  Looking back  

                    At 12,000 Feet,                                  Little Molas Lake,                                    Knife Edge,
          Up On Sultan Mountain                      on the Colorado Trail                             on Mesa Verde

        Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde                            Lake Creek,                                   Making New Friends
             Home of the Anasazi                        Below Emerald Lakes                        on the Pine River Trail

                  Vallecito Lake                                 The Cold, Icy Waters                           Raft on the Animas
                                                                                    of Needle Creek

                  Twilight Peaks                             Picking Up Backpackers                    Expedition Offloading

                                       Animas Forks Hotel                  Looking Toward the High Country

            In the High Country                            On the Los Pinos River                          Upstream on Los Pinos
                                                                                 with the Kokanee Salmon

Aspens on a Cloudy Day

                      No. 1                                                                No. 2                                                                No. 3

                            No. 4                                             Signs of Fall at Vallecito                                        No. 5

                        No. 6                                                            No. 7                                                        No. 8

                                                No. 9                                                           No. 10

Horsing Around in Pine River Valley

                                No. 1                                                    No. 2                                                        No. 3

Aspens of Vallecito & Pine River

                            No. 1                                                        No. 2                                                        No. 3

                                    No. 4                                                        No. 5                                                            No. 6 

                                No. 7                                                                    No. 8                                                Tired Old Barn

On the Way to Vallecito

                                    No. 1                                                            No. 2                                                            No. 3

                                No. 4                                                                No. 5                                                        No. 6

                                 No. 7                                                                No. 8                                                        No. 9

            First Snow at the Vallecito Cabin

                                                            No. 1                                                                No. 2


Backpacking Vallecito Creek

Fall Creek in early morning.            Vallecito Creek Valley, over 5,000 feet deep.                    Whittaker Courtney
                                                                                                                                                                                        on the trail.

                                    Vallecito Creek Rapids.                                                          Overlook of Vallecito Creek,
                                                                                                                                                  climbing Mt. Sheridan.
                                                                                                                                Copyright 2006 Whittaker K. Courtney

Chipmunk Bridge
Copyright 2006 Whittaker K. Courtney


Going Upstream on Fall Creek



                                       Pebbles in the Brook
  Copyright 2006 Whittaker K. Courtney


Unique Patterns - Fireworks on Film

                                No. 1                                                                No. 2                                                            No. 3

                                No. 4                                                                    No. 5                                                                No. 6

                                No. 7                                                                    No. 8                                                                No. 9

                                No. 10                                                                No. 11  

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