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        "Okies in the Outback"

        Two weeks of backpacking, for two successive years,
            in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado,
            with a side trip to Mesa Verde. A "Coffee table" book of
            beautiful color photography, that tells a story, in 
            itself.                                                                                        52 pages,
                                                                                               $ 30 US                           203 MB.

        "Cookson Hills Dictionary"

          Over 3,600 old time and slang words and phrases,
                with an introductory history of the historic area, seat of
                the Cherokee Nation, where outlaws hid out, and
                                                  "Where the Red Fern Grows". Many items are illustrated
                                                  with color photography.                             About 480 pages,
                                                                                              $ 35 US                100 MB.

                                                Available NOW IN PRINT from the publisher for $17.50 US.
                                                    To see a PREVIEW & ORDER CLICK HERE.

                                                A dictionary of phrases can't be sorted.
                                                Therefore, this dictionary is designed to use the WORD
                                                         Edit - Find window, to locate any word or phrase you
                                                         desire - in the collection and in the definitions.
                                                A CD order form for the Dictionary and Places of Interest in    
                                                         Northeast Oklahoma chapters is provided in the book.

            "Wild West Arts Club International Competition"

          Annual competition of the WWAC for 2005, held for the
                first time in 16 years outside Las Vegas. The participants
                of all ages came from as far away as The Czech Republic and
                France, to compete in Claremore, Oklahoma as a tribute to
                Will Rogers.
                Events included: Trick Roping and Trick Riding, Fast Draw,
                                            Gun Spinning, Whip Cracking, and Tomahawk and Knife
                                            Throwing. A scrapbook of color pictures suitable for framing.
                                                                                                                                        126 pages,
                                                                                               $ 25 US                              60 MB.

        "Real Crisis"

         An inspirational short story, telling how the author
            overcame the terrible tragedy of losing his wife in
            an auto accident on their honeymoon, and found the
            strength to go on to greater heights in life.               12 pages,
                                                                                                                                         9.5 MB.

                                            Plus, the following inspirational poem,
                                                    in a plastic binder with color cover and photographs.
                                                                                                $ 15 US for both

            "I Am An Adventurer"

                 A free-verse poem defining what is required to be
                    a true adventurer. The poem is color illustrated with
                                                pictures taken by the author on actual expeditions.
                                                The author also defines the mindset, inner calmness,
                                                and the tolerance and understanding of others needed,
                                                to traverse the globe and explore the unknown.      3 pages,
                                                                                                                                       20.8 MB.

             "The History of Caving in Oklahoma" 
                                                                 COMING SOON !

             Pioneering the exploration and charting of unmapped
                                                       caves in Oklahoma, beginning in the 1960's.
                                                          The author was:
                                                       first elected president and cartographer of the
                                                       National Speleological  Society in Northeast
                                                       Oklahoma, in 1967, the discoverer and the first human
                                                       to set foot in the linking passage between two caves,
                                                       to make Duncan Field the longest cave in Oklahoma,
                                                       and leader of an expedition into an underground river
                                                       cave in one and two-man rubber rafts. A Tulsa Tribune
                                                       reporter and award winning photojournalist
                                                       published a front page story on the expedition.

            "Cookson Hills Chronicles"        COMING SOON !

                 Stories of the history, prehistoric to present, and
                    pioneer families of the famous Cookson Hills.
                        Notorious outlaws of the 1880's, such as Jesse James,
 Stagecoach  and Teams                   the Dalton and Doolin Gangs, the Youngers,
    at Fort Gibson, OK                       and Belle Starr, hid out here,
           circa.  1890                            and the toughest U.S. Marshals, such as Bill Tilghman,
                                                       brought them to justice.
                                                           Gangsters of the 1930's,
                                                       Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd, Ky Carlisle, Troy Love,
                                                       and Carl Janaway, found friends to give them refuge 
                                                       from famous Sheriff Grover Bishop, who killed more
                                                       outlaws (17) than Wyatt Earp.
                                                           The historic Cookson Hills are where the Cherokees
                                                       were brought over the "Trail of Tears",
                                                       where Sequoyah taught his new alphabet,
                                                       where Sam Houston lived before Texas, and
                                                       where the movie "Where the Red Fern Grows"
                                                       was filmed in its book setting.


                 Stagecoach holdup between  Fort Gibson & Tahlequah.                      Sequoyah and his alphabet.

                                              "Carl Janaway -                  COMING SOON !
                                                       The Smartest Bandit of the Cookson Hills"
                                                       Last surviving bank robber of the 1930's.

                                     A great candidate for a movie!

                                     The book began during a month-long museum exhibit
                                                  on Carl's life, the good, the bad, and the sensitive, which
                                                  filled the entire lobby of the Northeastern State University
                                                 John Vaughn Library with Janaway's story and personal        
                                                 possessions preserved by the author. Childhood friends of
                                                 Carl came forward with previously unknown information
                                                 about him, and asked that the story become a book.

                                                        Stories of the elusive outlaw are accompanied by color
                                                 photos of his possessions, including the dictionary given
                                                 him by Al Capone, when Carl was assigned by Warden
                                                 Johnston to be nursemaid to Capone, when he became
                                                 terminally ill in Alcatraz Prison.

                                                        Carl Janaway was the only inmate to escape the
                                                 infamous, murderous Tucker Prison Farm - three times in
                                                 two years, and the only outlaw the famous Sheriff
                                                 Grover Bishop could never catch. Janaway survived, when
                                                 his cronies, such as "Pretty Boy" Floyd, died, because he
                                                 went straight after prison, and became an upstanding
                                                 citizen and friend of law enforcement officials.

                                                 To see a PREVIEW  CLICK HERE . Go to the bottom
                                                        of the page, and click on Other books by this author.

        COMING SOON !

"The Pioneers of Dryden
Oklahoma Territory"

Centennial Settlers of the 1890's.


                                              "The Evolution of Control -
                                      Generation by Generation Expansion of government"

                                                        A basic, educational primer reminding all Americans of
                                                 how we paid our bills as a country for over 100 years        
                                                 WITHOUT AN INCOME TAX, the way Thomas Jefferson,
                                                 Ben Franklin and our other founding fathers designed,
                                                 the insensitive cruelty of government agencies,  and
                                                 the personal freedoms we have lost, as the result of
                                                 government, credit agencies,  and big business growing
                                                 more powerful than ever intended.

                                                        Especially written for the younger generation who don't
                                                 know, and the older generation who sit complacently,
                                                 letting the government abuse persist on their grandchildren.

                                                        This is the book, still pertinent today, that predicted in
                                                            *   The voter revolution of later that same year,
                                                            *   The abuse of the use of Social Security number for
                                                                         economic bondage more severe than    
                                                                         Communist Russia,
                                                            *   The need for medical savings accounts,
                                                            *   The need to privatize Social Security, so your
                                                                         money can't be spent on other things by the
                                                                         government, and denied you when you're
                                                                         disabled, as is now done, and
                                                            *    The historic, long-term cruel abuse of the IRS, and
                                                                         the $ 8 billion per year or more we're paying in
                                                                         salaries, plus 60 office centers.

                                                      A no-frills eye-opener to actions needed quickly to
                                                 restore our personal freedoms.                        106 pages
                                                                                                $10 US               

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