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        Note:  It is still advisable to use an attorney, who has special knowledge of small   
                     business affairs. These forms are intended to help minimize the expenses.

    Amendment of Contract
    Attachment to Contract
    Contract for Purchase - Business Assets from a Corporation
                                           Business Assets from a Proprietorship, 
                                                 Partnership, or Limited Liability Company 
                                           Corporate Stock
    Corporations - Consent of Directors
                             Consent of Shareholders
                             Corporate Bylaws
                             Minutes of Directors Meetings
                             Minutes of Shareholders Meetings
                             Minutes of Telephone Conference of Directors
                             Notice of Directors Meeting
                             Notice of Shareholders Meeting
                             Pre-Incorporation Agreement
                             Shareholders Proxy
                             Stock Agreement
    Disputes - Litigation, Mediation & Arbitration
    Employment - Application
                            Authorization to Release Information
                            Confidentiality Agreement
                            Contract with Employee
                            Contract with Independent Contractor
                            Covenant Not to Compete
                            Offer of Employment
    Financing - Promissory Note w/ Final Balloon Payment
                        Promissory Note w/ Equal Monthly Installments
                        Promissory Note, Interest Only w/ Final Balloon Payment
                        Promissory Note, Single Payment of Interest & Principle
                        Security Agreement
    Lease - Amendment of Lease
                Assignment of Lease
                Attachment to Lease
                Extension of Lease
                Gross Lease
                Landlord's Consent to Sublease
                Net Lease for Entire Building
                Net Lease for Part of Building
                Notice of Exercise of Lease Option
    Names - Formats on Contracts
                   Signing on Contracts
    Partnership Agreement
    Real Estate - Amendment to Real Estate Purchase Contract
                         Attachment to Real Estate Purchase Contract
                         Contract for Purchase of Building
                         Contract to Purchase Vacant Land
                         Exercise of Option to Purchase Real Estate
                         Extension of Time to Remove Contingencies
                         Option to Purchase a Building
                         Option to Purchase Vacant Land
                         Removal of Contingency
                         Renovation Contract
    Rental Contract - Equipment Rental
    Sale of Assets - Affadavit-No Creditors
                              Bill of Sale
                              Corporate Resolution Authorizing Sale of Business Assets
    Sales Contract - Bill of Sale
                               Consignment Contract
                               Contract for Manufacture of Goods
                               Installment Payments
                               Lump Sum Payment
                               Security Agreement
    Sole Proprietorship - Checklist for Starting
    Storage Contract  


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