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Vallecito Community  
    Community Center
    Sep 27   7:00 P.M.

Hurricane Relief  < Flyer >
    Buffalo Gap Restaurant
    Oct   2   12:00 - 4:00 P.M.


 There are discussions in progress around Vallecito, pertaining to the possible establishment of a hurricane  victims relief project. So far, the discussions are only in a preliminary stage, and no decisions have been made.

   Jerry McCoy, of RE/MAX Western Realty in Vallecito, attended a Gulf Coast relief benefit with a Louisiana-style crawfish boil in Durango, this last week.

   We’ll keep you posted on any further developments.

< Last-minute developments! >

   The latest word on the hurricane relief project is that some of the folks who have contributed so much, in times past, to their own Vallecito community are the ones instrumental in organizing our Hurricane Relief  project.

   The folks at Buffalo Gap Restaurant, Ray and Shirley Robinette and family, who so unselfishly gave of themselves to feed the firefighters, at their own risk, during the big forest fire, have combined forces with Jerry McCoy, of RE/MAX Western Realty to hold a hurricane victims relief benefit event.

   The benefit event is planned for October 2, from 12:00 noon to 4:00 P.M., at Buffalo Gap Restaurant. The Robinettes will prepare food, the family members and staff of Buffalo Gap will serve the food, and Jerry McCoy will hire a live band for the event. The Blues band of Dean Murphy, from Allison, Colorado, will provide the music.

   Donation amounts will be left to each person’s discretion, and arrangements have been made with the Bank of Colorado to be trustee for the fund.



               Ray & Shirley Robinette                            Jerry McCoy _____________________________________________________________________________________

              Quote of the Day:
                        “People in a small town don’t read the newspaper the next morning to
                             find  out what happened.
                          They just read the newspaper to find out who got caught at it!”                      
                                                                Author unknown

Hurricane Victims Relief Benefit a Big Success in Vallecito

                                                                            (Click on the images to enlarge)

            Commendations are due for a successful charity event, not only to the sponsors and others who worked so hard, but also to those who attended from near and far.
            After days of preparation and hours of serving food, the hurricane victims benefit event in Vallecito, sponsored by the Robinette family of Buffalo Gap Restaurant, owned by daughter Angie, and Jerry McCoy of RE/MAX Western Realty, raised over $3,000 in only four hours, most of it in two hours!
            Hospitality and good conversation reigned at the Buffalo Gap, last Sunday, between 12 noon and 4:00 P.M., with the entire Robinette family and staff fixing and serving food, and the Dean Murphy Blues Band, Dean, DC Duncan, and Bill Boyer, providing great music.
            Attendees came from as far as Durango, to convene for a good cause. Ray and Shirley Robinette and family provided the food, which included Randy Robinette’s spicy gumbo, barbeque with homemade sauce, pulled pork, baked beans, corn-on-the-cob, and the best bread pudding I’ve tasted in years. Jerry McCoy provided the band, and the people who came provided the other important ingredient for a successful, enjoyable, and smoothly-operated charity event.

            The benefit proceeds, independently tabulated by members of the Vallecito Church, John  Wilson and Earl Wilkening, will be transferred to the Salvation Army, with the Alpine Bank of Durango acting as trustee.
            Hopefully, we shall not see another human tragedy as on the Gulf Coast. Those folks are, and will be for some time, bearing tremendous grief and loss. They need all the assistance we can contribute, just to survive.
            Ray and Shirley Robinette and their family took the initiative, along with Jerry McCoy, and footed the cost of the event, in the face of Ray’s ongoing battle with cancer and constant trips to the doctor, saying, “Those people down there need all the help we can give them.”
            Ray, Shirley and Randy Robinette are also the ones who refused to flee the inferno of the Missionary Ridge forest fire of 2002, and stayed on, at their own risk and against the advice of authorities, in order to feed the firefighters as the flames approached their home and restaurant. Roland and Diane Healy also helped feed the firefighters, by contributing food from their inoperable cooler and freezer.

                                           (Click on the images to enlarge.)

   Angie (Robinette)                                       D.C. Duncan                                        Bill Boyer

                  Dean Murphy                      Good food & good music.     Shirley Robinette & Jerry McCoy

                                     Aaron Miller &                              Denny  Schilthuis & his wife Carol,
                                        of RE/MAX                                            owners of Big Corral/
                                                                                                         Vallecito Lake Outfitters


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